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Inflatable boat adhesive hypalon kit 250ml Polymarine
  • Inflatable boat adhesive hypalon kit 250ml Polymarine
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Inflatable boat adhesive hypalon kit 250ml Polymarine

2-component glue for inflatable boat repair made of Hypalon 250ml Polymarine.

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Inflatable boat adhesive Hypalon kit 250ml Polymarine

The two-component Polymarine repair kit is intended to repair large areas and permanently in pneumatics made in Hypalon.

It has an extraordinary resistance to saltwater, humidity and heat.

It consists of 1 can of 250ml polychloroprene rubber adhesive and 10ml of hardener.

When the two components are mixed it will bond tightly together with the natural rubber materials, Hypalon, polychloroprene, butyl, nitrile, and polyurethane and leather rubber materials.

How to use:

The surfaces must first be cleaned.

Mix the two components in the ratio of 25:1

The application can be by brush, roller or with a notched trowel.

It is at 48 hours when it is fully hardened.

Important: Never use to glue PVC tires.

To repair PVC pneumatics use the 2-component PVC pneumatic adhesive 250ml


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