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Fiberglass polish 500ml Sadira

Fiberglass polish 500ml by Sadira


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Fiberglass polish 500ml by Sadira

Fiberglass polisher provides an intense and fast shine to both fiberglass and aluminum, chromed and painted surfaces. Renew and protect the color and appearance again. Does not discolor or stain. It gives surfaces a protective layer to cope with the aggressive marine environment, sun, dirt.

How to use

The correct way to use the fiberglass polish is on an area no larger than 40cmx40cm. The surface must be clean and dry.

A little product is applied to a cloth in a circular motion until it begins to dry. Allow to dry and remove with a clean cloth.

It can also be used with an electric polisher and wool beret at medium speed.

If the surfaces are heavily scratched or matted, first use the Fiberglass Refill and Cleaner (ref 4012)

Shake before use.

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