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Sadira polyester filler 250 gr

Polyester mastic, for repairs in fibreglass, metal and wood.

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Sadira polyester filler 250gr

The polyester filler is used to cover, fill, level small cracks, holes, etc. on wood, fibreglass and metal surfaces. 

It is too resistant and very simple to sand.

It is white.

Way of use: 

The ratio is 2% ( per 100 gr. of paste add 2 grams of catalyst) 

If the temperature is cold, add more catalyst, but if instead, it is hot, decrease the proportion. 

Remove the putty, weigh it and add the necessary amount of catalyst. 

The surface to repair has to be sanded, dry and clean. 

Apply in thin layers. 

You have 15 minutes to apply the paste by spatula. 

Do not stop stirring.

Once dry, you can sand and paint.

To protect the repair, it is recommended to useGelcoat

250 Gr

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