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Simrad Go7
  • Simrad Go7

Simrad Go7

Simrad GO7 GPS multifunction with display 7"

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Simrad GO7 The equipment for that you were waiting

GO7 it is the equipment for that the recreative navigator was waiting, everything in one, gps, plotter, sounds, interface NMEA2000, everything on a tactile screen.

The screen

The GO7 offers a simple use with very intuitive controls of tactile screen as the zoom of extension with the fingers, and operations similar to those of other known screens Simrad's multifunction. The menu, of simple design, includes intuitive icons that facilitate an easy and rapid access to all the functions and screens.

The screen of beginning is customizable, with the direct accesses to the most secondhand functions, the adjustable sights on divided screen and the customizable designs of panel allow him to visualize everything what he needs on screen at once, without importing the type of activity.

Receptor GPS 10 Hz integrated*

With the receptor GPS of high speed, his position updates ten times per second, the plotter GO7 of Simrad is the perfect option for motorboats that move with rapidity. Visualize the movement of his craft of fluid, precise and real time form.

Control of the engine with NMEA 2000

Simrad's GO7 connects with the whole equipment of your boat compatible with NMEA 2000, included the engines outboard motor and intraborda, the meters of flow and level of fuel, the sensors of speed, course and temperature of the water and much more.

He believes his own screens of digital instruments personalized and obtain a great quantity of information even in the boards most overstocked without resigning a clean aspect with the minor possible number of meters.

Watch the depth with the integrated sonar

To know the real depth that exists below the hull can help you to enjoy the time that happens in the sea with fewer worries and also it facilitates the location of anchoring-places adapted in unknown waters.

With the probe integrated to Simrad's GO7, simply has to add one of our four transducers HDI (they sell separately or in a package) to realize a precise and real time follow-up of the depth. It can move for the record of depth to revise and to establish waypoints easily on promising anchoring-places, at the time that DownScan Imaging ™ provides to an image of photographic quality of the bottom that one finds below your boat.

Locate shoals of fish with CHIRP and DownScan Imaging ™

If you add an appropriate transducer (sold separately or as a package), the Simrad GO7 will function as a powerful echo-sounder, since it has the CHIRP probe is compatible with Broadband for a clear detection of fish through the water column. With one of our transducers HDI, the Simrad GO7 also offers DownScan Imaging ™, which provides you with an image of the photographic quality of the retaining structure of fish under your boat.

Integration of audio Bluetooth and SonicHub ® 

SonicHub marine audio system is the perfect companion for your Simrad GO7 screen. SonicHub ®, which provides Bluetooth transmission from tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, integrated AM/FM radio and UNI-Dock optional waterproof for your smart phone or media player, gives you total control of your screen GO7 audio entertainment system to enjoy a clear and integrated rudder.

Compatible with the cloud GoFree with integrated Wi-Fi

El GO7 of Simrad, featuring integrated Wi-Fi, provides direct access to our services from the cloud GoFree, allowing you to download maps, software updates and more with convenient and easy wireless.

You can access the GoFree cloud services from anywhere that has Internet access, either from your home Wi-Fi network if you are in the path to his house with the boat loaded on a trailer, from the Wi-Fi network with a marina or your Smartphone if you are in the middle of a lake.

In the water, GoFree connects the Simrad GO7 to their mobile devices; playback screen on your Smartphone and offers a full remote control from your tablet with the free app GoFree Controller.

* The GPS receiver integrated into the GO7 works if it is built-in to most fiberglass helmets and any mounting bracket installation. If it is recessed in a boat with a metal helmet, it may be necessary to use an external GPS receiver as the Simrad GS25.

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