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Nasa Clipper Duet
  • Nasa Clipper Duet
  • Nasa Clipper Duet
  • Nasa Clipper Duet

Nasa Clipper Duet

Nasa Clipper Duet complete with transducers

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Nasa Clipper Duet with transducers

Speedometer and depth dimensions 110 x 110 mm, suitable for mounting outdoors. It includes complete with the log paddle wheel unit  and transducer depth slider.


The user can configure the instrument to work in different units: feet / meters, miles, nautical miles or kilometers.


You can set the minimum alarm depth, it should show the depth from the keel to the seabed, makes up the difference in the height of the keel.

Automatic gain control.


Alarm speed limit. The speed alarm will give an audible and visual warning if the boat speed exceeds a preset limit.

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