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  • Beacons
    Beacons or EPIRB are an essential element for maritime safety. In an emergency, the beacon is activated manually or automatically and warns of the emergency situation to the authorities. The emitted signal is reflected by a satellite to the nearest coast station, which is responsible for activating the rescue operation. Currently, the beacon is mandatory for certain vessels element. However, beacons available, although not mandatory, are an interesting element of security.
  • AIS

    Automatic Identification System AIS

    Among the teams navigation aid carried on board a ship AIS has a prominent place given its functionality and the information it provides.

    AIS responds to the English acronym 'Automatic Identification System', which translated is universal Automatic Identification System for ships.

    His name clearly indicates the purpose of the team, which deals with basic data show ship name, caller ID (MMSI), position, course, speed, destination, navigation status, ship type ...

    With these references it is to provide the authorities and ships sailing nearby the most relevant information regarding navigation, in order to comply with the regulations for preventing collisions at sea.

  • Monitoring and alarm...
    Monitoring and alarm systems for your boat in Náutica Almerimar
  • Radar transponders

    As part of the safety equipment and rescue some ships are required to Carrying one or several radar transponders.

    A transponder is a radar capable of being detected by radar (sea, air and land) Feature emitting a signal indicating the position on the radar screen, by achieving 12 striped device.

    They may also be referred radar transponder, with name The defined by the International Telecommunications Organization, and also under the acronym SART.

  • Rescue

    In this section, you will find the necessary articles for personal safety in Náutica Almerimar.

  • Navigation

    One of the important components in a safe navigation are nautical charts, books, guides and other items for your practice.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 9 items