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Welcome to our shop on line. Here you will find all you need for your hobby and free time. We know how important it may be for you. That's why we tried to foresee all your possible demands and needs.

In our electronics section you will find all the technology for navigation and electronic items for fishing and location.

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  • Multifunction displays

    The multifunction display is a screen with controls that collects the information provided by various measuring equipment and information board.

    This is a single screen display data from the anemometer, compass, speedometer, autopilot, depth sounder, plotter, electronic chart, radar, GPS...

  • Radar

    Why radar?

    Where am I in relation to others? Is there anything near me that could cause me harm, or vice versa?
    Radar is a great aid to navigation that allows you to:

    - 'See' other vessels, buoys and coastal areas under reduced / zero visibility.
    - Further objects - not all AIS transmit information ...
    - Check the relative position and velocity itself.
    - Avoid hazards and obstacles.
    - Track weather fronts.
    - Find fish !!

  • Autopilots

    An autopilot connects to your steering system and continually corrects ship ship's heading with information supplied by the compass, wind transducers or GPS. Autopilots are designed to maintain an accurate course in various sea conditions with minimal helm movements. They can act as a pair of hands or an extra crew member, allowing you to set the sails or get the fenders over the side. Because they steer so accurately, they will save fuel and get you to your destination faster, especially when connected to a chartplotter.

  • Equipments aid to...

    Equpments aid to navigation in Náutica Almerimar

  • Communications

    All for communications to and from your boat in Náutica Almerimar

  • Depth sounders

    Depth sounders for you boat in Náutica Almerimar

    Among equipment onboard, the probe holds a special place, especially in amateur fishing boats

    The probe is an instrument to get to know the depth that the seabed is.

  • Transducers

    Sounders for fishing detection and determination of the depth, the less visible is the transducer element; however, it is the most important. For information to be displayed on the display indicating the depth, bottom type and presence of fish screen the transducer is operated emitting and receiving waves several thousand times per second.

  • GPS

    Essential equipment is the GPS, which function is of positioning ourselves in the environment, already be marine, air or terrestrial.

  • Parts for electronic...
    Parts for electronic elements in Náutica Almerimar
  • Equipos de vientos
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Showing 1 - 6 of 18 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 18 items