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Teak cleaner 500ml Sadira
  • Teak cleaner 500ml Sadira
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Teak cleaner 500ml Sadira

Teak cleaner 500ml Sadira

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Teak cleaner 500ml Sadira

This cleaner in the form of salts is the initial product of the restoration treatment of teak wood. Renews aged and damaged wood due to climatic effects. It cleans energetically, avoiding having to sand, scratch or strip the wood.

How to use:

It is recommended to use on cloudy days, in the shade or at night.

Moisten the deck with fresh water, work on sections of 2 m2.

Fill a plastic bucket with fresh water and depending on the dirt of the wood, add 200 to 800 grams.

Of product. Stir until dissolved. Then apply on the cover with a brush, a sponge, in the dirtiest areas rub with a brush with hard bristles.

You can also spread the salt directly on the wood soaked in water and sprinkle with a fine rain of water while rubbing with a brush and even sprinkle on a soaked sponge. Distribute evenly and leave for a maximum of five minutes.

After rinsing abundantly with fresh water without leaving traces of the product (Very important)

Repeat the process in the next area until completing the boat. Then apply the Teak 2 Rinse Aid Treatment.

Caution: These products can damage varnishes, paints and ironwork on board. Avoid their contact or at least check previously that does not affect them.


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